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    • 06 Mar 2024
    • 4:30 PM
    • Zoom Meeting

    Cross Border Financial Tax Seminar


    Wednesday, March 6, 2024

    4:30 PM

    Zoom Presentation

    (Zoom Link will be sent to all participants the day prior to the event)

    CCA Members: Free!

    Non-Members: $40.00

    Subjects to be covered:

    -  Ways to minimize your cross-border taxes

    -  RRSP withdrawal strategies

    -  Tax strategies if planning a move back to Canada

    -  Taxation of Canadian retirement benefits in the        U.S. 

    Join Bryan Haggard CFP, CFA  and Michael Brasza CFP, from RetireMitten, to learn about cross border tax strategies and considerations. RetireMitten is licensed to operate in Colorado.

    RetireMitten Financial LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor.  You can find additional information at BrokerCheck.

    In no event shall RetireMitten Financial LLC have any liability to you for damages, losses, and causes of action for accessing this site. Read full disclaimer here.

    • 14 Mar 2024
    • 4:30 PM
    • Zoom Meeting

    Cross Border Financial Tax Seminar #2


    Thursday, March 14, 2024

    4:30 PM

    Zoom Presentation

    (Zoom Link will be sent to all participants the day prior to the event)

    CCA Members: Free!

    Non-Members: $40.00


    In this 2nd seminar on Cross border tax, KPMG Global mobility Specialists will cover different areas than in seminar #1.

    This would be of interest for attendees who:

     - Have recently moved into the US and have personal assets in Canada

    - Travel frequently between Canada/US - residency unclear?

    - May be handling assets of others in Canada/with Canadian assets, have Power of Attorney mandates for a Canadian resident (parent, relative, loved one), or may be a possible executor on a Canadian estate

    Planned topics

    Quick Overview of Canadian Tax Residency

    ● Domestic Law & Residency Ties

    ● Tax Treaties

    ● Determination of residency 

    Quick Overview of Canadian Taxation 

    ● Tax Resident

    ● Continuing Tax Residency

    ● Non-Resident

    Maintaining a Canadian principal residence in Canada upon ceasing residency (province of Qc different interpretation)

    Rental of Canadian property as a non-resident - 

    Sale of Canadian principal residence - 

    Ceasing Canadian Residency

    ● What you need to know

      Investment Accounts



      Home buyers Plan (HBP)

    Deemed disposition.

    Triggers for ongoing filing requirements as a non-resident of Canada

    US Tax Residency

    ● US residency status (US citizen, US green card holder)

    ● Determination of residency: Presence days/ Substantial Presence Test (SPT)

    US Taxation

    ● Tax Resident

    Actions & filing requirements

    TFSA/RESP/RRSP withdrawal/Foreign Mutual Funds-US income tax treatment/Foreign corporation holdings

    Coming into compliance with US tax filings

    ● Non-Resident

      Actions & requirements

    Ceasing US Residency and resuming Canadian Income Tax Residency

    ● What you need to know

    US citizen

    Green card holder

    · Step-up in basis upon resuming Canadian residency

    · Unwinding Departure Tax

    · Treatment of US revocable living trusts, LLCs in Canada

    Cross-Border Tax and Estate Planning (note this will not cover Quebec)

    · Overview of income/estate taxes on death (US estate tax and Canadian deemed disposition tax) and treaty integration

    US citizens/green card holders and non-residents of Canada with Canadian property

    US citizens resident in Canada

    US green card holders resident in Canada

    US NRA with US situs assets

    · Other:

    Receipt of inheritances from a Canadian resident individual

    Tax Implications arising from acting as an executor of a Canadian estate, POA.

    Probate planning strategies may not work on both sides of the border

    • 16 Mar 2024
    • 4:00 PM
    • 6972 Wildshore Drive, Timnath, CO
    • 48

    May The Luck Of The Irish Be With You!

    Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With Fellow Canadians!

    Saturday, March 16, 2024

    4:00 PM

    6972 Wildshore Drive

    Timnath, CO

    Fellow Canadian from Newfoundland, Darren King, has graciously offered to open up his home and provide an evening of a traditional St. Patrick's day corned beef, beverages and festivities, raffles! 

    Friends, Food, Foozball, Fun, and more...!


    CCA Members $10.00

    Non-CCA Members $20.00

    Please BYOB and plan to bring an appetizer, side or dessert to share!


    by March 13th, 2024

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