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Information about and from the Canadian Consulate in Denver

(Note: This page is under construction. We will be adding to it as new information is received)

Registration of Canadians Abroad

All Canadians are encouraged to sign up for the ROCA (Registration of Canadians Abroad), at this link:

This way Canadians can receive relevant information directly.


Government of Canada social media accounts to monitor

Consul General Twitter account: @fabi_sylvain

Consulate Website:

Consulate Facebook: Consulate General of Canada in Denver

Consulate Twitter: @CanCGDenver + in French: @CGCanDenver


     New Requirements for Canadians returning to Canada 

Nouvelles exigences pour les Canadiens qui reviennent au Canada

1-30-2021_New Requirements for Canadians returning to Canada.pdf


Government of Canada Notices about COVID-19

Family Reunification Border Decision - June 8, 2020

COVID-19 ROCA Notice 4-24-2020.pdf

Global Affairs Canada - COVID-19 - April 15-2020.pdf

4-21-2020 Message to Canadian Citizens in the US.pdf

April 21-2020 - Office of Foreign Missions Circular.pdf

Mandatory Isolation for Persons Returning to Canada - 4-14-2020.pdf





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