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Welcome to the CCA

The Canada Colorado Association is a not-for-profit, volunteer, business and social organization, serving Canadians and Friends of Canada happily living in Colorado

Updates from the Canadian Consulate in Denver

2/7/2020:  The website below from the Public Health Agency of Canada contains regular updates on the coronavirus situation and advice to Canadians.



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Letter from the President

As President of the Canada Colorado Association, I’d like to thank you for visiting the CCA website and invite you to get involved in our association!  Please review the Events page for upcoming opportunities to hang out with other Canadians.

There are thousands of Canadians living and working in Colorado, we are very fortunate!  Colorado is a beautiful state in which to live, raise our families, and expand our career opportunities.  Colorado does billions of dollars in trade with Canada.  If you were born and raised in Canada you have the DNA of an internationally well respected culture and you’re probably good natured and fun, too! I am proud to be from Canada and I find it very rewarding to celebrate our cultural heritage at CCA events including doing business with fellow Canadians.  Of course, CCA is open to our American friends as well, after all, Canadians respect cultural diversity, and appreciate all that America has shared with us.  The CCA strives to unite Canadians in Colorado as a community celebrating our cultural heritage through business, social and educational gatherings.  

Over the near future, the CCA will:

      • increase number of business networking opportunities
      • increase marketing to invite more Canadian and Friends of Canada to to join in
      • expand geographical diversity of events around the Great Denver area to include more Canadians
      • increase more affordable, family oriented events
      • increase the value, community and sense of belonging you enjoy as a member

I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming CCA event soon!  As a proud Canadian, please support the CCA by joining as a member and bring a friend to our events!

Rob Mancey,

Chairman and President

Upcoming events

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Canada Colorado Association has a firm commitment to protecting your privacy.  We will not disclose, to third parties, any identifying information about you without your permission.

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